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Just Do it.

As kids, we tend to have a fearlessness about us in everything we do and say. We swing from our feet on monkey bars and we say whatever is on our innocent minds without hesitation and no thought of the consequences. When we grow older and go through our own life experiences, we tend to be more cautious towards our actions and words. We tend to think in practical ways—sometimes too practical. In this case, we’ve been led to believe to “do what you gotta do first,” and only then you can “do what you love to do.” This type of thinking is misleading to make it seem like you’re constantly working, but never achieve. People find themselves lost in waiting at this point. You’ll hear the common phrases like: “someday I’ll get to it” or “I’ll do it as soon as I...” Those are words of non-doers and people that will inevitably find regret in their future. Losing out on opportunities are a result of our in-actions towards our gifts and what we really want in life. One moment of action can change the trajectory of one’s life that can lead to an abundance of things they desire.

so what should people do? Honestly, just do anything. Something. Stay true to yourself. Do it without motivation, for it’ll come naturally and easily. Failures will occur with certainty but who cares. Just start over. Timing is everything, but only until we say it may be too late. Just do it.

Fail Forward.

The definition of what failure truly means from a successful person and non-achiever is vastly different. To start, successful people have a sense of clarity of what they want in life and have plans on how to execute their goals. Non-achievers have trouble on what they truly want and are consistently indecisive with major decisions; mainly because of the lack of clarity and fear of failing. Non-achievers see failure as final, objective, and avoidable. Successful people perceive failure as a temporary event and opportunities to get better. They also value failure as a part of life’s process and don’t dwell on past mistakes; they learn valuable lessons from their mistakes.

Just like in every superhero movie you see, the hero encounters adversity then attacks it head-on only to be met with setbacks along the way; nonetheless, it’s the super hero’s perseverance that prevails which eventually leads to the bright ending. That's how life is. You will inevitably fail and in order to succeed, you must persevere. In addition, successful people are always aware that failure and success start from within. You have to win the war in your mind first. You can’t control the outside climates, but you can control the forecast inside your mind. Fearing failure puts you in a position of regret. Don’t live with that.

As Playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Go out and fail. Fail fast and often. Fail your way to success. Harness that fear and use it as a tailwind into your life goals and purpose. The separation between failure and success is just a thin veil away. Believe that it is.

Say No.

It is an amazing feeling to do what you love to do. It’s even more amazing to do it for a living. Creatives and even entrepreneurs who are first starting off have to find a way to get their foot in the door in their respective industry. Some are going to have it easier than others. Either way, there is a lot one has to sacrifice just as anybody successful has had to even if it means doing free work. And yes, you read that right. Doing things for free can be beneficial for someone starting off. Usually in the form of an internship or for the sake of building a portfolio. Plant your seeds in the industry early on and master your craft during the process. Learn from people and experience situations that lead to mistakes. Eventually one of those seeds will bear fruit that you can eat from because of your nurturing. Keep planting.

After you feel you have established yourself in your industry, you can start getting what your value is. Know your worth and position yourself accordingly. Show people to value and respect your time along with your talents by simply saying no to opportunities that aren’t going to benefit both parties—especially yourself. Who you say no to determines your career. As the great investor Warren Buffett said: “the difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." Conversely, saying yes to everything and doing it for free is not going to pay the bills also. In addition, saying yes to everything for money can hurt or prevent your brand from growing. Money is important, however, staying true to yourself and your brand is a long-term play that will be more lucrative in the future. How you make your money is more important than how much you make. Remember that.

Build Not Burn.

The earlier you find what you want to ultimately pursue in life early on is a great advantage. Although that may change over time or what you’re going after may not even work out, however, the thing you are doing now may lead to the thing you were destined to do. Along the way to your quest, building your bridges are immensely important. It allows you to connect and reach people in places without having to negotiate a busy road of people going after the same things you are. Essentially, building your infrastructure allows you to thrive and achieve your goals along a more rigid and fine-tuned path. On the contrary, burning your bridges can do the opposite and even hinder future opportunities you may have.

In the course of life, things may inevitably crash and burn. There are certain times you can burn: when you are clearly being taken advantage of, to protect your integrity and when your intuition tells you to. Life is full of adversity, nevertheless, building in any way that’s positive will allow you to gain important relationships and fundamentals for the foundation of your skills. Sharpen your tools and start building.

Lead With Love.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered for your time here? Most people would say they would like to be cherished and loved. Of course, who wouldn’t want that? A lot of people would love the feeling of people saying good things about them, especially at your funeral. However, some people may not give a damn if negative things were said about them and that’s fine too. Which leads me to my next point: you get back what you put out into the universe. In other words, if you put give and show genuine love to people you will get it back the same in return. Likewise with hate. You attract what you are in vibration with. The importance of reaching your goals start from a positive place and that’s the only way to attract good things into your life. Maintaining a feel-good energy towards your actions and having gratitude for your current circumstances you are in regardless of what you may be going thru is key. That means treating people with love and respect deservingly. As the famous Jim Carrey said, “the effect we have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” It’s true. The greatest return on investment in life is people.

Applying these things in your 20’s will set up the foundation of what you do in your 30’s, 40’s and so on. It will also help your business and career. Understanding that our habits and what we think and say to ourselves carry significant weight towards our outcome in life. Before you can conceive anything, you’ll have to think it first and then follow it up by action. Followed by action inevitably comes failure. Learn from failures and move on. From mistakes comes mastery. Once your skills become valuable, choose who you want to work with. Your life depends on it. When you establish those relationships, build upon them and don’t stop. Knowing and making a living in your purpose is one of the greatest things one can achieve. Being in that realm of life will lead a life full of love and no regrets. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. Just do it.

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